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The Author
The Author

Hello! I am a guy in his late 30’s living in Cookeville, TN. I have diverse interests including running, hiking, mountain biking, and the great outdoors. While I appear outdoorsy I definitely embrace my inner geek. I write reviews, post news, manage social media networks, and engage in a wide range of activities from barefoot running to being an extraverted nerd.

My educational background is an Accounting degree from Tennessee Technological University. In college I wrote, photographed and developed websites for the sport of paintball. I also managed a retail store for 5 years. After graduation I took a break from graphic and web design to pursue a career as an auditor. I ended up working several years as an auditor followed by 5 year stint as a supervising accountant in the telecommunications industry. I am currently employed as a Sales Analyst Supervisor for Flowserve Corp.Not limiting my pursuits to the workplace I volunteer as a coach for the local middle school cross country program.

Recently, I have resurrected my photography pursuits, in particular of athletic events and amateur sports focusing on the individuals.

I have two great kids, Katelyn and Connor. I marvel everyday how quickly they are growing up. I also keep 1 dog or rather she keeps me. Its a full active life for a very, very amateur athlete.


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