About the Blog

My daughter and I finishing 2012 Scenic City Half Marathon in Chattanooga, TN.

Hello interweb surfer!  This is my personal journal about running and other adventures that come my way. Why is it called iRunUgly?  Because often my journeys start out undetermined, unplanned, and just a little random.  In other words – fairly ugly.

When I first started running it was seriously ugly. I certainly never exhibited ability as a stellar or talented runner. I have slowly become better. I can even run marathons and ultra-marathons. I am just typical guy that has been told that I attempt crazy things (like 5 marathons in 5 weeks). These types of adventures probably shouldn’t be attempted. For sure, these adventures have zero real reason to be tried. I’m not a professional athlete.  I’m not competing for cash prizes.  The adventure itself may be met with epic failure; however, sometimes I am able to bask in the energizing light of success. It is those singular moments of wonder that validate the ugly moments along the way. Winning, losing, or simply surviving life is about pushing your personal boundaries to greater heights. Hopefully, I can share a few of the shining moments via this blog. Stick around long enough and you will assuredly share in some of the defeats. I doubt the trying part will stop.

The beginnings are often ugly; but it is pushing those ugly boundaries, turning them to beautiful successes and wonderful adventures that truly make life grand.

So to everyone pushing for that first mile, recovering or struggling with injuries, or refusing to believe “I can’t”.  I salute you! Even if the running is ugly the journey will be fantastic!

Keep running ugly,



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